• Jason Smith

Have you ever seen a Southern Sunset??

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

We love our sunsets in the South, and when you pair that with Fall's gorgeous color schemes--it's just indescribable. I was watching the sunset the other day over my farm, and when it hit over the trees just right, it made me think of this drink. I can't wait for you to try this great cocktail--by yourself or with a crowd--"Sweet mother of pearl" it's a keeper.

"Southern Sunset" has two of my favorite southern staples--sweet tea and bourbon--and it really does remind me of a sunset in the South.

Southern Sunset

Jason Smith, FNS


Serves 2


4-oz sweet tea

4-oz cranberry juice

Juice from ½ orange

1-oz bourbon (I use Bloody Butcher from Jeptha Creed)

1-oz apple or honey vodka (I use Jeptha Creed vodka)

1-bottle ginger beer or ginger ale


Whole cranberries

Orange peel


· Fill 2 pilsner glass ¾ full of ice.

· In a small pitcher place the tea, cranberry, orange juice, bourbon and vodka, stir to combine.

· Divide between the 2 glasses and top off with ginger beer.

Tip: You can also make this into bigger batches if wish.




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