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Rave Reviews Casserole!!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I love a good casserole, so that's why I developed this " Chicken Broccoli Casserole"

Growing up in the south a good casserole was a must. Whether it was for a social gathering or dinner on the ground at church or even a wedding reception. If you didn't know how to make a casserole you was pretty much the talk of the town, and not in a good way. I was taught by my mom and aunts how to make some of the best casseroles in town. Lord Honey I sure didn't want to be on the negative nancy list of topics.

Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 6-8


4- Chicken Breast, Roasted or Poached, and Shredded

3- cups Broccoli, Froze or Fresh, Chopped

½-cup White or Yellow Onion, peeled and minced

1-15oz Can Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom

½-cup Milk or Half&Half

1 ½-cups Cheddar Cheese, Shredded

Salt and Pepper to Taste

1-Box Stuffing Mix any Flavor

1-2 cups Chicken Broth

4-TBSP Butter, Melted


· Preheat oven to 350, Spray a 9x13 baking dish.

· Place Shredded chicken in bottom of baking dish, salt and pepper to taste.

· In a mixing bowl place the soup, milk, onion and cheese, mix together.

· Add the broccoli and stir.

· Pour over chicken.

· Sprinkle the stuffing mix over top.

· Drizzle the chicken broth and butter over stuffing mix.

· Bake for 30-40 mins or until bubbly.


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Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 24, 2018

Hey lrButler33 I used cream of chicken and Half&Half.


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 19, 2018

What items did you use... cream of mushroom or chicken

And milk or half


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 19, 2018

Looks so good! I am adding this recipe to my dinner rotation ASAP!


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 14, 2018

We have had the broccoli-chicken casserole 3x so far. It is easy and tasty... what more would anyone want?

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