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Simple Rice

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Lord Honey, rice is a staple dish of the South that can be enjoyed as a simple side or be the base of many savory or sweet dishes. Here is my "Simple Rice" recipe that will have y'all makin' fluffy, tender rice in the "shake of a tail."

Simple Rice

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 4


2-cups water

1-cup rice

2-TBSP butter

½-tsp salt


·Add water to a medium saucepan; place on cook top and bring to boil.

· Add the butter and salt and let butter melt, bring back to boil, add the rice and stir.

· Cover the pot with a lid and allow to simmer, check a few times to make sure its not boiling.

· Let simmer for 17-25 mins, no longer.

· When water has cooked out, take off the burner and let stand with lid on for 5 mins.

· Remove lid and fluff with fork.

Tip: Don’t let it boil once you put the rice in, or you will have tough rice.


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