• Jason Smith

Sparkle of July 4th!!!

I always look forward to my favorite Summer Holiday--celebrating our great Nation's Birtday!!!! It's all about getting together with family, friends, food and fireworks; enjoying and celebrating the greatest free country in the world!! Growing up, we would all travel to my Aunt's house in Campbellsville, KY and go to July 4th parade, cook out and go fishing, Oh the fun we had! It was the time of year that my mom would fix a cool, refreshing dessert that we all looked forward to. I can still see my Aunt Brenda grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, spreading BBQ sauce on them and me hoping she'd drop one so I could eat it, cause I was huuuungry!!!! We didn't have the fancy gas grills back then; we had the good old charcoal grill that sat on top of the table. It held about 6 hamburgers and about 4 hotdogs at a time; but Lord Honey we got it cooked and we all really enjoyed the great foods. Tator salad, fresh green beans, cucumbers, garden tomatoes and some great corn on the cob.

It couldn't get dark quick enough so we could enjoy the fireworks. We didn't have the big ones, but we had sparklers, fire crackers and small fountains. I remember a time we was doin' sparklers and Aunt Jean said "Give the sticks to me when you're done" and well I was so excited I thought I handed it to her but, I had dropped in on her skirt; well, I burnt a hole in her skirt, we laughed until we cried, She didn't get mad; it just wasn't in her nature to do that.

As Aunt Jean always said, and still says, " Making Memories" We sho did and still do. After fireworks was over with my Uncle Danny would say "We got us a big cold watermelon, who wants some?" Well Honey, let me tell ya I was the first in line, it is one of my fave things and we would eat it and let the juice run down our arms and we'd be covered in the sticky watermelon juice. Oh, but "Pancakes, biscuits and mators" what fun and great times we had.

So today I bring you my version of a summer staple that I still love, "Rocket's Red Glare Watermelon Pizza" It combines red, sweet watermelon, a cool creamy topping and berries. It's enough to make you run around like you're 3 again.

I hope you enjoy it and "Make Memories" this July 4th Holiday. Stop for a moment and thank the ones in the past that made this great Nation a Free One.

Rocket’s Red Glare Watermelon Pizza

Jason Smith, FNS


Serves 10-12


1-Medium Watermelon

1-Pint Fresh Blueberries, washed and drained

1-Quart Fresh Strawberries, washed and sliced

Zest from 1 (one) Lime

1-8ounce Pack Cream Cheese, room temp

1/2-cup Honey, divided

½-cup Vanilla Yogurt

1-tsp Vanilla


· Wash and dry watermelon, Cut ends off, cut 2 inch thick slices that makes a round circle. It will look like a watermelon plate. You should get 3 to 4 slices.

· In a mixing bowl place the cream cheese, yogurt, ½ the honey, vanilla and lime zest, mix until creamy and combined.

· Lay watermelon slices out on a serving platter. Cut eat circle into 8 pizza shape slices.

· Spread the cream cheese mix over each slice, just like putting pizza sauce on a crust.

· Place the blueberries and strawberries in a fun design, your choice.

· Drizzle with rest of honey and serve.

Tip: This can be made a couple of hours in advance and placed in fridge until ready to eat.


This picture was made sometime in the late 80's in Campbellsville, Ky. We was all fixed up and ready to go to the big Parade in town. Pictured from left to right: My Mom Connie, My brother Mark, Granny Creech, Aunt Jean, Aunt Brenda, Papaw Creech, My Cousin Steven in front and Me in Blue T-shirt. I really was happy it just doesn't look like it.



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