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Bourbon Ball Sipper

Lord Honey, I love me a good bourbon ball. So, why not take all the great chocolate & bourbon goodness of this li'l Kentucky morsel and put it into a cocktail sipper. That's right, my "Bourbon Ball Sipper" is a great new way to enjoy your next bourbon ball in a glass.

Bourbon Ball Sipper

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 1

Ingredients: 8 oz whole milk

3-4 TBSP chocolate syrup

3 oz bourbon

Bourbon Balls for garnish


· In a shaker, place ice cubes half-way full, add the milk, chocolate syrup and bourbon.

· In a mug or rocks glass place a few cubes of ice.

· Shake the shaker a few times and strain into the prepared glass.

· Use a bourbon ball for garnish.


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