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Chocolate-Mint Julep

Lord Honey, if it's Kentucky Derby time, y'all can bet folks are tossin' back mint juleps. Well I just couldn't resist addin' a li'l somethin' to elevate this traditional Derby drink. And of course, the natural choice to pair with mint is chocolate. I think y'all will agree that my "Chocolate-Mint Julep" gives this simple bourbon cocktail the perfect touch, with a li'l taste of sweet chocolatey goodness.

Chocolate-Mint Julep

Jason Smith, FNS

Makes 1 drink--adjust recipe accordingly for number of servings desired


4-5 fresh mint leaves

1-TBSP brown sugar

2-oz bourbon

2-oz crème de cacao


Fresh mint leaves


· In the bottom of a mint julep cup or 8-oz glass, place the mint leaves and brown sugar and muddle them for a few seconds, just until mint is broken up.

· Fill cup with ice and pour in the bourbon and crème de cacao, stir to combine, garnish with mint leaves.


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