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I've Got Sunshine--in a martini glass!

Lord Honey, Well I guess you'd say--"what can make me feel this way?" Let me tell y'all--it's Pina Colada jelly beans and Rum in a sparklin' martini glass. It'll make y'all feel good too--when y'all taste the jelly-bean infused rum cocktail I call "Sunshine-Tini"


Jason Smith, FNS

Servings: 4


8 oz—Pineapple Rum

2 oz—dry vermouth

½ c—Pina Colada Jelly Beans

Lemon wedge

Sanding sugar, spread on a plate


· In a pint jar, place the jelly beans and pour the rum over them, shake slightly.

· Let it sit out overnight.

· The next day, fill a shaker ½ full of ice.

· Strain the rum into the shaker.

· Add vermouth.

· Shake until frost forms on the outside of the shaker.

· To make a beautiful, sweet rim, take a martini glass and rub a lemon slice around the rim—invert the glass and dip the top of the glass into sanding sugar.

· Add a few Pina Colada jelly beans into the bottom of the glass-divide the drink into four glasses—being careful to keep your rim pristine.

Tip: If you do not have dry vermouth, a dry white wine can be substituted.


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