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Watermelon Margarita

Lord Honey, I love, love, love watermelon. So it's no surprise that I decided to put it in a cold, refreshin' cocktail. A blender full of my "Wonderful Watermelon Margarita" is the perfect pool-side drink to help y'all beat the summertime heat.

Wonderful Watermelon Margarita

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 4


2-cups cubed watermelon

¼ -cup agave syrup

6 ounces tequila

Juice from one lime or ¼-cup lime juice

¼-tsp salt

2-cups of ice

Glass Rim:

2-wedges lime

¼-cup of sugar


· In a blender, place the watermelon and pulse until pureed.

· Add the agave, tequila, lime juice, salt and ice.

· Pulse until desired consistency.

· Rim glasses with lime wedge and then dip in sugar.

· Pour drink evenly between glasses.

Tip: You may substitute simple syrup for the agave syrup.


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