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Bacon Ranch Deviled Eggs

Lord Honey, My "Bacon-Ranch Deviled Eggs" takes ever'ones favorite flavors of bacon and ranch and adds them to one of the South's most traditional potluck staples. Y'all won't wanna wait for a potluck before you make these little morsels of goodness--they make a great starter or side for anytime.

Bacon-Ranch Deviled Eggs

Jason Smith, FNS

Servings: 24


1 dozen hard-boiled eggs

2 Tbsp--Mayonnaise

4 Tbsp—sour cream

6 tsp—dry ranch dressing mix

½ lb—bacon, cubed and fried crispy (for mix and garnish)

½ c—shredded mild cheddar cheese

3—green onions, minced


· Hard boil 1 dozen eggs.

· Peel eggs and cut in half length-wise.

· Place egg white halves into serving dish.

· Place egg yolks into bowl of food processor.

· Add mayonnaise, sour cream, ranch dressing mix, 4 Tbsp of bacon and cheddar cheese to food processor.

· Place egg yolk mixture into a quart-sized zip-top bag, zip shut and cut bottom corner of bag—to create a small opening.

· Squeeze mixture in bag, and pipe the filling into empty white egg halves

· Top each deviled egg with remaining bacon and green onions.

Tip: It’s always good to fix your deviled eggs the day before and refrigerate overnight, to help them set up.


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Will kiss my grits but sweetie let’s call them Angel eggs😘😘😘😘


I love this recipe, I make it often in our household. I did take it one step further and decide to making it bacon ranch deviled egg salad it is perfect.

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