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Bell-Ringer Cocktail

Lord Honey, y'all can ring in the New Year with this great li'l cocktail, or just have it any ol' time you need your bell rung!! Whenever you decide to give it a try, I can promise y'all are gonna love my "Bell-Ringer Cocktail"

Bell-Ringer Cocktail

Chef Jason Smith

Serves 2


1-TBSP honey

4 oz warm water, just warm enough to dissolve honey

2-tsp lemon juice

8 oz apple juice, cold

2 oz bourbon

Dried apple slices for garnish


· Place the honey and warm water in a bowl and stir until the honey is dissolved.

· Place a few ice cubes into a shaker, add half the honey simple-syrup, lemon juice, apple juice, and bourbon; shake a few times, remove the strainer top and pour into 2 chilled martini glasses. Reserve the remaining simple syrup for additional drinks.

· Garnish with apple slices.


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