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Chocolate Dream Custard Pie

Lord Honey, let me tell y'all, my "Chocolate Dream Custard Pie" is the li'l black dress of desserts--just the perfect go-to that works for any occassion. Whether it's a simple meal or a fanciful feast--this creamy, dreamy chocolate confection, topped with my "Championship 7-Minute Frostin" is without a doubt, dressed to impress.

Chocolate Dream Custard Pie

Jason Smith, FNS

Makes 1-Deep Dish or 2-Regular Pies


1-recipe of "Fail-Proof Flaky Pie Shell"

1-recipe of "Championship 7-Minute Frostin"


1-cups sugar

1/3-cup cocoa powder, unsweet

3-TBSP corn starch

¼-tsp salt

2-cups milk

3-egg yolks

2-tsp vanilla

2-TBSP butter


· In a medium sauce pan, combine sugar, cocoa, corn starch and salt; whisk together.

· Add the milk and egg yolks and whisk to combine.

· Place over medium heat, whisk continuously, cook until thick, this takes a few minutes.

· Once thickened, remove from heat; whisk in the vanilla and butter.

- pour into pre-baked pie shells; place in refrigerator for at least two hours to set and cool.

· Remove pies from refrigerator top with "Championship 7-Minute Frosting" dividing evenly between pies; smooth out frosting; either place under broiler or use a kitchen torch to brown.

Tip: To make this coconut, leave out the cocoa powder and at end stir in ½-cup shredded sweetened coconut, for lemon, leave out the cocoa powder and add zest from one lemon and 2-TBSP lemon juice.


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