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Coffee + Bourbon=Perfect Combo!!

Lord Honey, this could become the drink of champions! I mean COFFEE & BOURBON--two of the most perfect beverages--ever--together--I declare, it'll leave y'all speechless, cause you won't be able to stop drinkin' it. After all, ever'one needs a "Tipsy Coffee Break"

Tipsy Coffee Break

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves: 2


16 oz (2 liquid cups)—your favorite bottled iced coffee drink--refrigerated

6 oz—bourbon (or your favorite Irish whiskey)


· Fill shaker ¼ full of ice

· Add coffee drink and bourbon

· Shake until frost forms on outside of shaker

· Pour into frosted glass mug

· Top with whipped cream and your favorite sprinkles

Tip: For a stronger coffee taste, you can sprinkle with espresso powder.


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