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Easy Thanksgiving Breakfast

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Well it is almost that time of year, when we wake up to the smell of turkey baking and granny rattlin' the pots and pans, getting ready for all the family and friends to show up and have a bountiful meal. Well we all know we might need a little bite when we get up, just to get us goin. I'm bringing you a quick easy breakfast that's sho' to please everyone, even the dog.

" Thanksgiving Morning French Toast with Apple Chutney"

Is a must for that early morning bite, getting you ready for all the festivities of the day. This will also be great an any-occasion brunch. It's easy, cause you can make the zucchini bread a few days early freeze it. I sho' hope y'all enjoy.

Thanksgiving Morning French Toast

with Apple Chutney

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 6


1-recipe for Punkin’ spiced zucchini bread


½-cup half&half

¼-cup light brown sugar

1-tsp vanilla

1-tsp punkin’ pie spice

½-pound bacon, cooked and crumbled

Apple Chutney:

2-medium apple, peeled and diced

2-TBSP butter

1 ½-tsp cinnamon

1-tsp orange zest

¼-cup light brown sugar

2-TBSP maple syrup

3-TBSP dried currents or raisins


· In a sauce pan place all the apple chutney ingredients and bring to a boil, urn down to a simmer and cook until apples are soft, but not falling apart.

· Slice one of the loaves into 12 slices.

· In a shallow pan place the eggs and whip up, add the half&half, sugar, vanilla, pie spice and mix up.

· Heat skillet to medium heat, dip each slice of bread in egg mix and place 2-3 in skillet at a time, cook for 3-4 mins per side, repeat until all bread is gone.

· Place French toast on serving platter and pour the apple chutney over, sprinkle with bacon.

· Add dollops of butter to top.

Tip: You can serve if more maple syrup if you wish.


Here's the recipe for the Zucchini Bread

Punkin’ Spiced Zucchini Bread

Jason Smith, FNS

Makes 2 Loaves



1-cup oil

2-cups white sugar

2 ½-tsp vanilla

2-cups grated zucchini

3-cups self rising flour

2 ½-tsp punkin’ pie spice


· Preheat oven to 350, spray and line 2 loaf pans with parchment.

· In a mixing bowl beat the eggs until foamy, add oil, sugar, vanilla, and zucchini and stir in.

· Add the flour and punkin’ pie spice and stir to combine.

· Divide between the 2 loaf pans bake for 40 mins or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Tip: You can add 1 cup chopped pecans and 1 cup raisins to the batter if you like.


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