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Feel The Breeze & Taste The Treats!!!

I love the beach, the sand and that cool breeze. Setting under a plam tree, feet in the sand and wind through my hair (or what I have left, LOL). But when I cant get to the beach I enjoy a bite of something that transports me there, like this "Island Breeze Cake."

It's a cool refreshing bite that will delight all, from the youngest family member to the oldest ones. With all the summer heat and holiday's this one will be sure to please from the rich cake to the cool creamy topping to the crunchy coconut.

I sure hope Y'all enjoy a slice today. "Be as happy as a dog sunning in the afternoon."

Island Breeze Cake

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 12


1-Yellow or White Box Cake Mix

4-Whole Eggs

1-cup Orange Juice

½-cup Veggie or Canola Oil

2-Small Packs Pineapple Gelatin

2-cups Boiling Water

½-cup Evaporated Milk

1 1/2- cups Toasted Coconut

2-cups Heavy Whipping Cream

1-cup Powder Sugar

1-tsp Vanilla


· Preheat oven to 350, spray a 9x13 cake pan.

· In a mixing bowl place the cake mix, eggs, oil and orange juice, mix to combine, pour into prepared cake pan and bake until golden brown 22-25 mins.

· Remove from oven and let cool about 25 mins.

· Place gelatin in a bowl and mix with the boiling water until all is dissolved, then stir in the evap milk.

· Poke holes in the cake with handle of wood spoon or a fork.

· Pour the gelatin over cake, let set and cool completely.

· Place the heavy cream, powder sugar and vanilla in the bowl of stand mixer, whip on low until sugar is combined and then turn to high and whip until stiff peaks.

· Fold in ½ the toasted coconut and spread on cake, top with remaining coconut, place in fridge for at least 2 hours.

Tip: You can top the cake with diced maraschino cherries if you’d like. This cake can also be made with several different gelatins, such as lime, orange or strawberry.



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1 Comment

Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jun 29, 2018

Jason, Lord just provided me with the perfect summer cake for my neighbor! Bless your heart-in the sweet way, not pitiful way! Thank you!

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