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Kickin' Kentucky Fried Tater Cakes

Lord Honey, I learned from my Granny not to let anything go to waste--and one tasty example of her thriftiness was when she took left-over mashed taters from dinner and made her crispy, creamy, golden brown tater cakes for lunch the next day. Children, don't y'all ever let me hear of ya throwin' out perfectly good taters, when y'all could be makin' my "Kentucky Fried Tater Cakes w/ Kickin' Lord Honey Sauce"--I might just have to throw a hissy-fit.

Kentucky Fried Tater Cakes

w/Kickin' Lord Honey Sauce

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 4-6


2-cups mashed potatoes


1-small onion, grated

½-tsp garlic powder

¼-tsp cayenne pepper (optional)

¾-cup all-purpose flour

4-6 strips of bacon, cubed and fried crispy

Oil for frying

Kickin' Lord Honey Sauce:

½-cup mayo

¼-cup ketchup

2-tsp honey or molasses

¼-tsp onion powder

1-tsp chili powder

Salt & Pepper to taste


· Place all the sauce ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir to combine; cover and place in fridge until ready to serve.

· Place the mashed potatoes into a mixing bowl; add the egg, onion, garlic and cayenne and fold to combine; add flour and stir to combine.

· Fold in the bacon.

· Place a medium skillet over medium heat and place about ½-cup oil in skillet and bring to heat.

· Using an ice cream scoop, place 4 individual scoops into the hot oil, making sure they are separated well.

· Fry for approximately 3 mins or until you see edges browning, flip and fry for 3-4 more mins, they should be golden brown.

· Take out and place on a paper lined plate, repeat until all potato mix is gone.

· Serve with dipping sauce.

Tip: You can add whole kernel corn, cubed ham or shredded cheese to the tater mix--be creative.


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