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Let'salsa get tropical!!

Lord Honey, I've got y'all hooked up with a refreshin' salsa that'll take ya straight to the tropics. Enjoy this on your favorite grilled meat or fish, or as a tasty dip with chips.

Tropical-Twist Salsa

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 4-6


3-mangos, peeled and diced

4-peaches, washed and diced

½-cup red onion, minced

2-orange or yellow maters, diced

1-medium jalapeno, seeded and minced

½- bunch cilantro, minced

1-lime, juiced

Salt & Pepper to taste


· Place the fruits, maters, onions, pepper and cilantro in a bowl and mix.

· Add lime juice, salt, pepper and stir to combine.

· Taste and adjust seasoning.

Tip: This is great on grilled steak, chicken or fish. You can also add pineapple if you wish.


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