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Lime Cooler Pie

Lord Honey, a good key lime pie is my all time fave for a summer dessert. But, I know we all don't always have time durin' the busy summer, so I've come up with a quick and easy recipe with the same refreshin' lime taste and creamy bite. Kick back on the porch and enjoy my "Lime Cooler Pie".

Lime Cooler Pie

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 6-8



1 ½--pks graham crackers, crushed; reserve ¼ cup for garnish

6-TBSP butter, melted

½--tsp almond extract


2-- 8 oz pkgs of cream cheese, room temp

1--14 oz can sweetened condensed milk

zest from 2 fresh limes

juice from 3 limes

pinch of salt


1--c heavy whipping cream

½--c powdered sugar

½--tsp vanilla


· Place the graham crackers into a zip-top bags and crush with rolling pin to a very fine texture.

· Place the crushed graham crackers into a 9 in pie plate.

· Mix the almond extract and melted butter together and drizzle over graham crackers; stir until all graham crackers are saturated with butter mixture.

· Spread crackers out into an even layer in the pie plate and press them down until they are packed in firmly.

· Filling: In a mixing bowl, place the cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk and mix until smooth.

· Mix in the lime juice, lime zest and pinch of salt.

· Pour mixture into crust and spread evenly.

· Topping: Take a jar with a screw-top lid and place the cream, powdered sugar and vanilla; shake until the mixture is very thick.

· Once topping is thick, spoon into dollops around the edge of the pie.

· Sprinkle reserved graham cracker crumbs over the dollops of whipped cream.

· Can eat immediately, but best if refrigerated for at least 2 hours—up to overnight.

Tip: You may use a mixer to whip the cream. You may use substitute citrus in place of the lime.


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