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Love, Chilies, Chocolate?? A Valentine Day Must!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Ooooo Maaaan!!!! What does Valentines Day have to do with Love, Chilies and Chocolate? What could be better than those 3 for the big Day. Love each other, Eat some spice, and Cherish a moment over chocolate. That's what Valentines Day means to me, so I developed a dessert that takes all 3 and puts it into one, so you can move on to other things. " Hollywood Hot Lovin Brownies" takes your 2 lovin hands to make, add a dash of cayenne pepper and lots of chocolate. " Woooo Lawdy it be hotter than Goats a Lovin on eat other." Try it and surprise your Valentines Date with a different take on a chocolate dessert. Also its topped with Bourbon Caramel Sauce, Shut the Back Door..... I found this awesome new product called Hollywood Hot Spice Shaker and Hot Sauce, you must give it a try. You can order it on line.

Hollywood Hot Lovin’ Brownies

With Bourbon Caramel Sauce

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 6-8


½-cup Butter, room temp

1-cup White Sugar

¼-cup Brown Sugar, packed

3-Egg Yolks

1-Whole Egg

1-tsp Vanilla

2/3-cup Unsweet Coco Powder

½-tsp Salt

½ -tsp Hollywood Hot Shaker Spice or Cayenne Pepper

½-cup All-Purpose Flour


· Preheat oven to 355, spray a 8x8 baking pan or heart shaped baking pan, set aside.

· In mixing bowl stir together butter, sugars, and vanilla until creamy.

· Add the egg yolks and whole egg mix to combine.

· Stir in the cocoa powder, salt and Hollywood Hot or cayenne.

· Add the flour and beat until all is combined.

· Pour into prepared baking pan and bake for 20-25 mins.

· Let cool, place on desired serving plate, dust with powder sugar and drizzle with Bourbon caramel.

Tip: It want take all the bourbon caramel sauce for this one dessert, save to use on other things, or eat it straight from the jar.

Bourbon Caramel Sauce:

½-cup Real Butter

1-cup Brown Sugar, packed

Pinch of Salt

1-tsp Vanilla

3-TBSP Bourbon

¼-cup Heavy Whipping Cream


· In a medium sauce pan put the butter, brown sugar and salt, bring to a boil, stirring often so it don’t stick.

· When boiling add the bourbon and cream, it will splatter a little so be careful, stir to combine, cook for another 2 mins.

· Remove and add the vanilla and stir.

· Pour into a glass jar and let cool.

· Keep in fridge for 2 weeks.


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