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Lovers of Chocolate in a Jar

Well!! Well !! What can I say about such a fun topic " Chocolate" !!!! I previously was on Live with Lee & Hayley show and I wrote a brand spankin' new recipe just for them. "Chocolate Love Jars" was a perfect fit for the show and this time of year. With picnics coming on strong and the love of The Lee & Hayley show and my love of chocolate I just knew this was what I had to do. The word chocolate just makes peoples eyes light up and mouths start watering and the Uuummm noises start. This is one recipe that you will use over and over. "It will make you jump straight up and down, like a turtle on a hot road."

Chocolate Love Jars

Jason Smith, FNS

Makes 8 Jars


1-Box Brownie mix

2-Cups Raisins

2-tsp Vanilla


1-8 ounce pkg Cream Cheese, room temp

2-Cups Heavy Whipping Cream

1 ½-Cups Powder Sugar

1/3-Cup Cocoa Powder

1-tsp Vanilla

Pinch of Salt

Add In’s:

4- Chocolate Caramel Bars, chopped


2-Chocolate Bars, chopped

1-Cup Chocolate Ice Cream Syrup

You will need 8 half pint jars or jelly jars.


· Preheat oven to 350, spray a 9x13 cake pan.

· In a bowl mix the brownie mix according to box instructions, stir in the raisins and vanilla.

· Pour into prepared pan and back for 25 min.

· Remove from oven and let cool.

· In a mixing bowl place the cream cheese, powder sugar and salt, whip till light and fluffy.

· Add the cocoa powder and mix in.

· Pour the heavy cream in and start on low, then turn to high, whip till stiff peaks, stopping once to scrap down side.

· Using a 2 inch round cookie cutter cut 16 rounds out of the brownies, save scraps for the kids or yourself.

· Take the lids off of 8 half pint jars or jelly jars.

· Place a circle in the bottom of each jar, pipe or spoon some mousse on top of brownie, sprinkle some of the chopped candy bar over mousse, then add another brownie, and then top with more mousse.

· You can at this point spoon vanilla whip cream or more chocolate mousse on top.

· Garnish with chopped candy bar and syrup.

· Place on lid and let stand in fridge for 2 hours or overnight.

Tip: Measure the opening of the jar and use the same size cookie cutter, to cut brownies.

You can also make this with a blondie batter and vanilla cream if you like.


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Jason Smith
Jason Smith
May 28, 2018

My family loves it so much we have graduated from mason jars


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
May 22, 2018

Hi Jason: How about doing a cookbook for all your fans such and I am? Congrats on your winning. Have been watching you as a judge now.


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
May 05, 2018

Hi Jason. Just wanted to congratulate you for your winning. Also you are from the neck of the woods where my mother grew up in London Ky. She grew up around Campground Ky.

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