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Peanut Butter Roll

Lord Honey, this sweet treat brings back memories of candy makin' with my great granny. There are several versions of this old-fashioned favorite--from usin' taters, to cookin' it on top of the stove. But I think it's hard to beat my "Country Bling Peanut Butter Roll" for its simplicity and old-fashioned taste.

Serves 24-26

Yield: 2 rolls


6-cups powdered sugar

1-cup butter, room temp

1-tsp vanilla

1-cup smooth peanut butter, divided in half


· In a mixer bowl, place the butter and vanilla; whip for a few seconds, add the powdered sugar a cup full at a time, mixing between each cup, keep doing this until you get a dough texture.

· Place one piece of wax paper on work surface and make a ball out of half the dough. Place the ball on the wax paper, and place another sheet of wax paper over the ball. Using a rolling pin, roll over the wax paper, rolling the dough out, until it is an even ¼ inch thick.

--Remove top sheet of wax paper and spread half the peanut butter evenly over the dough.

· Using the edge of the wax paper, roll the dough up, like making cinnamon rolls, wrap and place in fridge for 3 hours or overnight.

--Repeat process for remaining half of dough and peanut butter.

· When ready to serve slice into ½ inch thick slices.

Tip: You can also add 3-TBSP cocoa powder to the powdered sugar and make the roll chocolate flavored.


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We used left over mashed potatoes in this. It was peanut butter potato rolls


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Dec 18, 2020

Hey sugar. Cut the butter in half and make sure it’s just soft not melted


First of all I’m no cook - I could burn water, however, I tried this recipe because it looked so easy. My dough would not thicken to the right consistency no matter how much sugar I added. What am I doing wrong?

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