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Tuna & Garden Pasta Salad

Updated: May 1, 2020

Lord Honey, look on your plate--is it a tuna salad? a garden salad? a pasta salad? It's a Super Country Bling's "Tuna & Garden Pasta Salad"!!! That's right the best of three salads all tossed into one. A perfect side dish or all-in-one light, refreshing brunch/lunch treat.

Refreshing Tuna Pasta Salad

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 8-10


2-cups penne pasta, cooked according to box, and cooled

1-cup frozen peas, thawed

1-head romaine lettuce, washed and rough chopped

½-onion, chopped

1-red or yellow bell pepper, diced

2-cans white tuna


1-pkg dry Italian season

3-TBSP lemon juice

2-tsp white sugar or 1-TBSP honey

3-TBSP sour cream

½-tsp black pepper

½-tsp salt


· Place first 6 ingredients into a mixing bowl.

· Using a Mason jar with a lid, put the dressing ingredients into the jar; screw on lid and shake several times; pour over salad mixture, toss with a light hand until coated.

· Can be served immediately or chilled.

Tip: You can replace the tuna with sliced grilled chicken.


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