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Seasoning For All!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I looked the world over for an all purpose seasoning to use in my savory dishes and I just couldn't find one I liked. So I worked on one of my own and I bring to you

"Country Bling Dust" you can use it on all meats, veggies even in sauces and dips to spice them up. "Honey children, you will be as happy as a peacock" when you use my dust seasoning in your dishes. If you wish and need one that is salt free then just simply leave the salt out. I also used pink Himalayan salt in this dust, it gives a less salty brine flavor. Make it today, make it often and share with everyone. Mix up a jar and give them as gifts as well.

Country Bling Dust

Jason Smith, FNS

Makes ¾ cup


2-TBSP Onion Powder

1-TBSP Garlic Powder

1-TBSP Dried Parsley

1 ½-TBSP Pink Himalayan Salt or Plain Table Salt

1-TBSP Ground Black Pepper

½-tsp Cayenne Pepper


· Place all in a pint mason jar, screw on lid and shake to combine.

· Store in dry place.

Use on all meats, veggies in sauces and dips.

Tip: If you want it salt free just leave out the salt.


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Janet Cousineau
Janet Cousineau
Feb 06, 2019

as we say up here ... As happy as a seagull with a french fry. (Or a squirrel with a peanut)


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
May 27, 2018

I love this! (Also, I covet those measuring spoons, lol!!!). I have enjoyed watching your journey, Jason!

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