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Strawberry Cake

Lord Honey, cream cheese pound cake, sweet strawberries, fluffy frostin'--sounds to me like the ingredients of a blue-ribbon winnin' dessert. I think y'all will agree that my "Simply Divine Strawberry Cake" is a real winner.

Simply Divine Strawberry Cake

w/ 7-Minute Frostin'

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 8


Cake Layer

1-recipe for "Simply Perfect Pound Cake"

Strawberry Layer

4-cups strawberries, fresh or frozen, quartered (if frozen make sure they are thawed and drained)

¾-cup white sugar

3-TBSP corn starch

1-cup water

3-TBSP strawberry gelatin

7-Minute Frostin’

4-TBSP water

¾-cup plus 2-TBSP white sugar

1-TBSP light corn syrup

3-egg whites

½-tsp cream of tartar

¼-tsp salt

3-tsp vanilla


· Bake cake according to directions.

· To make the strawberry layer, place the sugar and cornstarch in a sauce pan and whisk together, stir in the water, over medium heat cook until thick, stirring constantly.

· Add the strawberry gelatin and whisk until dissolved, once cooled, stir in the strawberries, set aside.

"Championship 7-Minute Frosting":

·Add ¾-cup sugar, corn syrup and water into a sauce pan, stir until sugar is dissolved; bring to a boil over medium heat; once boiling, do not stir; boil for 5 mins, or until it reads 230° on a candy thermometer.

· Meanwhile, place the egg whites, cream of tartar and salt into a mixing bowl and turn mixer on high, you want to form medium peaks, this takes about 2 minutes; then add the 2-TBSP of sugar and the vanilla and whip until stiff peaks form, about another minute.

· With mixer on low, stream in the hot syrup into the stiff egg whites.

· Once all the syrup is in, turn mixer to high and beat for 7 mins, or until frosting is cooled.

· Place in a piping bag or a gallon zip-top bag.

Assembly Directions:

· On a cake stand or cake plate, place the first layer of cake, Pipe dollops of the frosting right next to each other around top outer edge of cake--forming a ring.

· Spoon ¾ of the strawberry mix onto top of cake, inside the frosting ring, smooth into a even layer.

· Place the second layer of cake on top and repeat the dollop pattern, this time add an extra ring of icing inside of the dolloped ring; then spoon the rest of strawberry mix onto top of cake and smooth out.

· At this point you have all kinds of options, either touch the frosting with a kitchen torch or use fun sprinkles, or leave plain.

· Place in fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

Tip: You can make the gelatin with any flavor and any fruit.


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