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Sweet & Spicy Cheese Dip

Lord Honey, it don't get any easier than my "Sweet & Spicy Cheese Dip"! But don't think that makes it simple on taste. One bite of this with some salty crackers, hits all the marks: creamy, sweet, spicy, salty--Oh My!! Y'all are gonna love all the taste that comes with such a quick and easy fix for anytime you need an appetizer to impress.

Sweet & Spicy Cheesy App

Chef Jason Smith

Serves: 10-12


1-(8 oz) block cream cheese, room temp

1-cup hot pepper jelly

1-cup apricot jam

¼-cup ginger ale soda

Assorted Crackers for serving


· Place the block of cream cheese on a serving plate.

· In a small bowl, place the jelly, jam and ginger ale and whisk until well combined.

· Pour the mixture over the cream cheese block, place crackers around and serve.

Tip: You can use a large serving tray and change out the apricot jam with other flavors and serve a variety platter for your guests.


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