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Time Travel!!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

There ain't nothing like looking through pictures from way back, and thinking

"Oh Lawdy Look at That" I was young and green then or lord did I really have that much hair. LOL I just wanted to give you a glimps into the stages of my life growing up.

I was a farm boy and loved every minute of it. We where always around family and friends, and worked a lot on the farm too. But that never changed me from day one, I have always been the class clown of the family, making jokes, playing tricks on family and just saying what's on my mind, Which my Mother says that I was just like my grandfather in that aspect. And she is right BOTH my grandfathers just said what they thought. We would play in the creek and fish enjoying the simpler things back then, we still do as much of that as we can today. We would chase my mom around with bugs or what every we could find, she was afraid of every little animal and still is, we had the best time seeing her run around and would just laugh.

All in All being raised the way I was really is what has made me who I am today.

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