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Warm, Comforting & Hardy Southern Pot Pie!!!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

When you've had a long hard day but still want a dish that's quick and easy and one that will make you feel warm, comfortable and fuzzy on the inside. Honey child you have found it with this "Southern Pot Pie" it has a creamy rich broth, country veggies and succulent tender chicken chunks that will transport you back to a child again. I can remember my aunt making pot pies with left overs the day after a big meal and we all knew it was going to warm us up and be lip smakin' good. This Pot Pie is so good it will make a tom cat like a kitten.

Southern Pot Pie

Serves 4


4-Boneless, Skinless Chicken breast

1-Cup Golden Tators, peeled and diced

1-Small Red Sweet Tators or 1- Cup Diced Butternut Squash

2-Cups Mixed Frozen Veggies

¼-Cup White Onion, minced

1-10.5 ounce Can Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Celery Soup

½-Cup Half&Half or Heavy whipping cream

4-TBSP Butter

1 ½ - tsp Rubbed Sage or 1-TBSP Fresh Sage minced

1-Glove Garlic, minced

Salt and Pepper to taste

1-Sheet Puff Pastry



· Spray with olive oil a desired baking dish ( 9x9, 11x7, 9x13) and set aside.

· Cube Chicken and place in stew pot with the golden and sweet or squash and cover with water salt and pepper to taste and cook until tators are tender then drain.

· Place frozen veg, onion, soup, butter, cream, garlic, and sage in mixed bowl and stir together.

· Place the cooked chicken and tators in veg mix and stir to combine.

· Pour into sprayed baking dish.

· Bake in a 350 preheated oven for 30-40 min or until bubbling.

· Remove and place Pastry on top.

· Lay puff pastry on floured surface and pass a rolling pin over dough couple times, don’t press to hard, Then cut into 1 ½ in strips from short side to short side. On a piece of wax paper lay out a few strips and then start lacing them to make a lattice top, transfer to top of pie filling. Or you can even just place the whole sheet over dish and cut a few slits in top for steam to get out.

· Place egg in small dish and whip it, Using a pastry brush, brush top with egg. ( It want take the whole egg, you can place rest of egg in a bowl with lid and store in fridge for other use)

· Bake for 25-30 min until pastry is golden brown.

· ENJOY!!!!

Tip: When making this pot pie you can use left over turkey meat (about 4 cups) or No meat at all and make it vegetarian.

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