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What Do Ya Get When You Cross a Corn Meal Waffle With Pimento Cheese??????

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Answer------ You get a "Grilled Pimento Cheese Corn Waffle Sandwich"

Say What !!!! Oh yes children. There has never been such a eye rolling, moaning, groaning sandwich. Its enough to make ya want to eat then 3 times a day. A couple of my all time favs to eat pimento cheese and corn bread, and now they live together in this buttery, cheesy, crunchy, tangy and lip smakin treat with a different take on some classics.

Grilled Pimento Cheese Corn Waffles Sandwich

Jason Smith, FNS

Serves 3-6

Ingredients for Pimento Cheese:

4-cups Cheddar Cheese, Shredded

1-cup Colby Jack, Shredded

4-ounce Cream Cheese, room temp

¼- cup Mayo

6 ounces Pimento’s , diced

½-tsp Onion Powder

½-tsp Garlic Powder

Salt & Pepper to Taste


· In a medium mixing bowl place cheeses, mayo, and cream cheese mix to combine.

· Add onion, garlic powder, salt and pepper mix in.

· Stir in the pimento’s

· Place in air tight container and set aside, while making waffle batter.

Ingredients for Waffles:

1-cup Self Rising Corn meal (White or Yellow)

1/3- cup Milk

2/3- cup Water or Chicken Broth

2-TBSP Butter, Melted


· Heat waffle iron up while mixing batter.

· In a small mixing bowl place all except the butter and whisk together.

· Add the butter and stir in.

· Spray waffle iron and place 2-3 TBSP batter in each well.

· Cook until very golden brown, repeat till all batter is gone.

Direction for Grilling Sandwich:

· You will need a mixture of 2-TBSP Butter Melted and 1/4 – cup Mayo mixed together.

· Brush one side of the cooked waffles and set aside.

· Heat skillet over medium heat.

· Place butter mayo side of waffle down in skillet, top with 3-4 TBSP of Pimento Cheese mix, Top with another waffle.

· Grill on both sides till medium brown and cheese is melted.

· Do this till all of waffles are gone.


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Lisa Ann Larkey
Lisa Ann Larkey
Jan 10, 2019

Oh. My. Word. Looks so delicious will have to give it a try :)


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 24, 2018

Hey Elaine, A lot of peeps use the spaghetti, but I was not raised with it in mine. I have done it that way, but not wild about it. You can put it in there if you wish.


Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Jan 13, 2018

Jason your chili looks yummy but honey where is the spaghetti I live in Kentucky and my mom always put spaghetti in her chili and so do i.

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