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Who's Cheesy!!!!

I had a wonderful time at Boone Creek Creamery In Lexington Kentucky the other day.

Ed Puterbaugh the master cheesemaker showed us all about how cheese is made. Ed is one of the sweetest little guys there is. Boone Creek Creamery is donating all the cheese I need for the Cynthiana Main Street farm to table dinner I am doing on September 14th. Most would think its a hard long process of cheese making but all and all it was pretty easy. The long wait it the curing process. Boone Creek is a Kentucky Proud member and Have Mercy do they carry one of the largest Kentucky Proud Products I have ever seen. Once we got done with the making process we got to sample a lot and I mean a lot of his cheese and I can tell ya they have some of the best cheeses i've ever put in my mouth, one of my favs is the Blue Cheese.

Everyone that visits the Creamery gets there picture in the large pot, this pot was the first one that Ed ever had when he was making cheese.

Here's a small sampling of there cheeses. You can get cheese that you know and several that Ed has came up with on his own.

Lord Honey make sure when in Lexington to stop by and get yours or you can order it online and they will send it to you.

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See you at your event in Cynthiana!

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